Located in Mascouche, Julie Anne Slattery D.O. offers treatments that will help you with many symptoms that can cause aches and pains of all kind. The center specializes in the following categories: mother and child (pregnancy and perinatal care), cranial and neck problems, and sports injuries.


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Osteopathy is a very gentle manual therapy and it's safe for most people!


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Osteopathy was founded by American Andrew Taylor Still. Osteopathy is a manual form of healing which emphasizes the interrelationship between structure and function of the body. Osteopathic principles believe in the body’s ability to heal itself.Its approche is very gentle so it is safe for most people.
Osteopathy is mainly know for its capacity to releave muscular and joint pain, precise palpation (manual examination) allow for complete overall investigation of the possible causes of neuromuscular, skeletal, visceral, and cranial dysfunction.
Whether preventative or reparative, the concept of osteopathy is characterized by its focus on individualized treatment safe for all ages.


The treatments for everyone : A manual therapy suitable for all!

Julie Anne is passionate about her profession. She looks for the source of the problem and not just treating the symptoms. She restores balance, and natural functions of the body. Schedule a visit for a professional treatment.



When all parts of the human body are in good condition, we have health. When they are not, it is disease. The work of the osteopath is to restore a normal situation in the body from an abnormal situation; It will result in health.

Andrew Taylor Still 1910

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